Hendricks County Communities

Hendricks County, Indiana residents enjoy an outstanding quality of life with access to amazing schools, affordable and diverse housing options, and wonderful healthcare. Our residents can live in our bustling county seat, within one of our many suburbs, or even in our rural small towns. We have something for everyone. We have an almost endless list of activities for individuals and families, so become part of the Hendricks County community today!

The county’s six public school districts are among the state’s top-rated, and many achieve four-star status, signifying academic excellence among both the students and the administration. These schools provide robust programs centering around STEM, including robotics, engineering, CNC machining, welding, and logistics. They also provide students with advanced placement and Dual Credit classes, allowing students to get a head start on postsecondary education.

Hendricks County boasts a large number of nearby colleges and universities that provide essential courses and additional training for our region’s workforce. Examples include the Vincennes University Logistics Training and Education Center, Indiana State University’s local MBA program, and a long list of classes from Ivy Tech Community College.

Many employers take advantage of the Hendricks College Network, a local non-profit that connects employers with the specific training their employees need offered by our local schools. In addition, that state offers generous incentive programs to help employers offset the cost of specialized training.

As we continue to grow, we’re always looking to boost our economy and grow our local businesses with dedicated, hardworking individuals. Since the inception of, many employers have been able to find skilled workers for their facilities and individuals have been able to easily find jobs looking for their qualifications.

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